Why Pakistan?

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia I never thought too much about Pakistan. Sure I would visit the local deli (convenience store) and interact with some Pakistani immigrants. Or I would watch their cricket team battle it out with the Australians as part of our summer-time ritual.

I had heard stories of people who had traveled there; of the amazing scenery and culture; an off-the-trail vacation for the adventurous traveler. As I got older I heard stories primarily on the news about the dangers of terrorism, especially to westerners. Later as I came to know the Lord, I took interest in the persecution of the church.
Even with this exposure, I really had little interest in the country, until we met out ministry partners through a divine appointment. From this moment we saw a different side to Pakistan; a country in the beginnings of a major move of God, where the hunger of God’s people is like nothing I have experienced. Where people are prepared to give up everything, and understand the power and protection of God.
As I dig into the numbers, I’m not surprised by the outpouring of God. All through the scriptures and through history, under persecution, the Church flourishes.

The numbers are staggering:
Population 165 million, 97% Islam, with 3% Christian, Shari’a law is the official law, a literacy rate of 48% (one of the lowest in the world), extensive restrictions on woman, targeting of Christians under acts of terrorism, etc. etc.

Even with these statistics, we see a different report. We see woman’s crusades where thousands of woman learn their true identify in Christ; amazing miracles where God’s power and love is on full display; incredible courage where the ministers of the Gospel risk all so this country can know the love of Christ.

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