Welcome to "The Bible Bridge"

Our goal is to provide you with basic information of Biblical orientation to help you in learning more about God through the study of His Word. Our mission is to share with you some simplified, informative, materials that will assist you in your understanding of the Bible.

Some examples of the theme-based and topical information that we plan to present (on this website) are:

  • Articles, Reference Guides, and basic Outlines of books of the Bible and biblical themes.
  • Summaries of the books of the Bible.
  • Book Reports of published works that contain Biblical themes and related topics, including: UFO's, supernatural occurrences, prophecy predictions, End Times scenarios, and other events and phenomenon.
  • Movie Reviews of films that present Biblical themes—and related topics, such as: Nephilim, angels and demons.

Blogs will also be available to provide a point of contact for all interested parties to respectfully, and kindly, share related information, ideas, and opinions with one another.